Tüpokompanii is a type design studio based in Tallinn, Estonia, founded in 2022 by Andree Paat and Aimur Takk. Our practice involves designing and publishing retail fonts, offering custom type design services to clients and also working as educators together with students. We’re constantly seeking unexpected qualities within letterforms, embracing a “mistake-driven” approach to uncover new possibilities and potential to question conventions in type design.

Custom fonts
We like tinkering with our fonts, playing around with ideas that aren’t always reasonable to develop into full retail fonts but rather accumulating starting points for potential custom fonts in the future. Our door is always open for collaborations, so if you have a project that would benefit from a special typographic treatment, if no one else can help, and if you can find us… Maybe you can hire Tüpokompanii.

Custom font design
Custom logomark design
Typeface modifications
Typeface language extension
OpenType feature programming
Typographic research and consultation
Type design workshops

Teaching & workshops
EKA Graphic Design department, Estonia 2017–…
Typogaraž, Slovakia 2021
??? Summer School, Estonia 2019
??? Summer School, Estonia 2021
Baltic Film, Media and Arts School (BFM), Estonia 2021
Tartu Art College, Estonia 2019
EKA Open Academy, Estonia 2022

WWW Stuudio (Web Development)
Gert Rasmus Rannamets (Intern)
Erik Merisalu (Intern)

Tüpokompanii OÜ
Rüütli 4, 10130 Tallinn


Andree & Aimur, Typogaráž, Bratislava 2021. Photo: Nele Kurvits